Tooth Buds Program

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Dr. Newhart grew up in a very small and rural farm town. Many years ago he started one of the most innovative and fun programs for children and parents. The children actually like to go to the dentist when enrolled in the Tooth Buds Program. Our goal is to have young children grow up in our practice with no tooth decay and no fillings…ever!

We have developed a CAVITY PREVENTION program which is custom designed for each child, using nutritional counseling, fluoride supplements and individualized care. When indicated, we have access to the very best pediatric care available in Los Angeles.

Thousands of young children have graduated from our Tooth Buds Program and are now young adults with beautiful smiles. Most have never experienced even one “filling” and they love to go to the dentist for routine cleanings.

The Tooth Buds Program is part of our mission: “Changing the World, One Smile at a Time…” Enroll your child today!