Smile Design Aesthetic Soft Tissue Contouring

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Dr. Newhart is a prominent figure in the field of orthodontics, renowned for his expertise in Smile Design. His influence extends nationally as he delivers lectures and introduces innovative orthodontic finishing techniques.

In Southern California, the significance of both aesthetics and well-being is highly regarded among individuals of all ages. Merely having straight teeth is not enough to meet the expectations of patients. People aspire for smiles that encompass straightness, beautifully shaped teeth, and a bright, large appearance.

While not everyone is naturally blessed with these attributes, Dr. Newhart employs advanced techniques to personalize and enhance each patient’s smile to its utmost potential. Through teeth whitening methods, individual tooth reshaping, and meticulous soft tissue contouring of the gums, he ensures that every smile reflects its owner’s unique radiance.

  1. Teeth Whitening – Once orthodontic treatment is completed, Dr. Newhart offers teeth whitening services to enhance the brightness of the smile. By lightening the color of the teeth, the overall appearance is significantly improved.
  2. Teeth Reshaping – Dr. Newhart utilizes advanced techniques to shape and align the teeth, complementing the individual’s facial features perfectly. Through precise adjustments in size, shape, and characteristics, he achieves a harmonious balance that transforms a good result into an exceptional one.
  3. Aesthetic Soft Tissue Contouring – In cases where excessive or uneven gum tissue affects the smile, Dr. Newhart performs aesthetic soft tissue contouring. Carefully removing the excess tissue reveals the teeth in their true length, giving the illusion of longer and more prominent teeth. Many patients mistakenly believe they have naturally short teeth, but it is often the result of hidden teeth under excess soft tissue. Uncovering larger teeth contributes to the creation of an outstanding smile.