School Partnership Program

Dr. Newhart and the Newhart Orthodontic Team partner with Grade School and Middle School teachers with our Smart Board Program as well as other various means of supporting teaching and learning. Dr. Newhart and his wife are passionate about improving our teachers and students in and out of the classroom. We support any way possible to make it easier and more fun to learn. We believe that children who discover the love of learning at an early age will have the best chance to lead fulfilling exciting lives full of surprise, adventure and dreams that come true. Interested teachers and principals may contact Lynn for further information about how we may help you introduce a smart board into you classroom.

Congratulations to St Ann’s Kindergarten for Newhart Orthodontics

Dear Dr. Newhart and the Newhart Orthodontic Team,

Thanks for all for your help with Kindergarten’s annual postcard collection ! We received well over 400 cards and could not have done it without your help. We received cards from Hong Kong, Africa, New Zealand (a first!), Australia, Iraq, Afghanistan, several European countries, as well as over 30 states. All locations were marked on our world map.

The kids looked forward to mail call every day – and learned a lot of geography! Thanks again. Your thoughts were very much appreciated!

Pam (and St. Ann’s Kindergarten class)
Allentown, Pennsylvania

P.S. Please pass this on to any of your patients who may have also helped ! There were many cards addressed to the class in general, so it had to be from your contacts. Thanks so much!