How to Evaluate an Orthodontist

The process of selecting an orthodontist can sometimes be challenging. Dr. Newhart is dedicated to providing the necessary guidance to help you make a confident decision about the best orthodontic care for yourself or your child. To assist you in making an informed choice, we have compiled a set of questions that can serve as a valuable resource. Typically, orthodontic treatment duration ranges from 12 to 24 months. Establishing a comfortable, trusting, and well-informed relationship with your doctor and staff is of utmost importance. We eagerly anticipate your next visit to our practice, where we can further support you on your orthodontic journey.

Consider these PATIENT CARE Questions:

  1. Is the doctor a trained specialist in orthodontics (an orthodontist) versus a general dentist who does some orthodontics?
  2. Is the doctor warm, caring, and understanding? Does he take a sincere interest in you?
  3. Does the doctor have good communication skills? Is everything explained in an easy-to-understand manner?
  4. Is the office staff friendly, courteous, and organized? Do you feel welcome?
  5. Patient compliance plays a large role in the success of treatment. Does the atmosphere of the office increase your or your child’s desire to look forward to future visits?
  6. Consider these CONVENIENCE Questions:

Is the appointment schedule flexible enough to meet your needs including early and late appointments?

  1. Can you stay with the same doctor and choose from multiple locations conveniently located to accommodate changes in your home, work, or school schedule?
  2. Is the office designed with separate areas for toddlers, teens, and adults?
  3. Is the orthodontic office fully computerized, indicating that the orthodontist is organized and up to date?
  4. Does the orthodontic office file your insurance claims for you?
  5. Consider these FINANCIAL Questions:

Are there flexible payment plan options?

  1. Does the orthodontic office offer you payment plans with NO DOWN PAYMENT?
  2. Does the orthodontic office offer you payment plans with NO INTEREST CHARGES?
  3. Does the orthodontic office offer payment plans extending up to 5 years with payments as low as $79/month?
  4. Does the orthodontic office offer you convenient methods of payment, including monthly statements, automatic credit card deductions, and electronic fund transfers from your bank account?
  5. Does the orthodontic office accept payments directly from your insurance company rather than requiring you to pay and then wait for reimbursement?