Accelerated Orthodontics

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Two Month Smiles –

Accelerated Orthodontic System™

Two Month Smiles – Accelerated Orthodontic System™ is a cosmetic dentistry result using your own natural teeth by realigning, reshaping and whitening.

Introducing a natural alternative to porcelain veneers, developed by esteemed Beverly Hills orthodontist, Dr. Scott Newhart, a trailblazer in the realm of Accelerated Orthodontics. Traditionally, individuals faced limited options for achieving a quick smile makeover, often avoiding porcelain veneers due to the associated costs and the need for tooth preparation. However, now there is an alternative that surpasses the results achieved by porcelain veneers, offering a superior outcome without the drawbacks.

Two Month Smiles – Accelerated Orthodontic System™ Includes Everything:

  1. Accelerated Braces ™ – for 2-3 months to eliminate crowding or spacing
  2. Esthetic Teeth Reshaping™ – to polish off chips and shape teeth as needed for the best smile
  3. Superstar Teeth Whitening™ – to remove stains and create maximum whitening of the teeth

Accelerated Orthodontics with Accelerated Braces™ offers many advantages over dental veneers and has become the superior alternative to porcelain veneers on healthy teeth.

Patients may not receive the optimal care when dentists exclusively recommend porcelain veneers to address crowding or spacing issues without considering a referral to an orthodontist for an evaluation of conservative short-term accelerated orthodontics. With Accelerated Braces, orthodontic treatment can effectively and conservatively correct such concerns swiftly and comfortably, utilizing the patient’s natural teeth to create an exceptional smile. This approach presents a superior alternative to porcelain veneers and dental veneers, as it is conservative, cost-effective, and ensures long-lasting results.

Working with Dr. Newhart brings the rewarding advantage of his extensive expertise and experience in Accelerated Orthodontics and Accelerated Braces. As the innovator behind this advanced system, Dr. Newhart stands among the pioneering orthodontists who introduced accelerated orthodontic options to patients nationwide. In addition to providing this remarkable treatment, Dr. Newhart offers certification training to orthodontists across the country. Prepare to be amazed and delighted by the remarkable results achieved within a remarkably short period under his care.