3Shape OrthoAnalyzer™

Advanced orthodontics diagnosis and treatment planning

OrthoAnalyzer, developed by 3Shape, is a specialized software designed specifically to analyze and plan orthodontic treatments. It utilizes high-quality 3D data obtained from patient cases scanned using the state-of-the-art 3Shape D700 3D scanner.

Unlimited Analysis

Set up analysis points on scanned models for rapid and consistent analyses. This allows for efficient and accurate evaluation of orthodontic cases.

Adjust and analyze occlusion using a palette of several 3D tools. With freely defined plane cuts, navigating and focusing on specific areas of interest within the scanned models becomes easier.

These tools enable precise measurements and assessments of treatment outcomes, including before/after treatment comparisons using color deviation maps and other measuring tools.


Effortlessly communicate the treatment plan to patients through an intuitive on-screen 3D Viewer, clearly representing the proposed orthodontic procedures.

Generate comprehensive reports using the full interface to Crystal Reports®, allowing for detailed and customized analysis reports to be created.

Integrate with patient management systems using the XML protocol, ensuring smooth data transfer and seamless coordination of orthodontic treatment within the overall patient care.

Automatically archive all patient cases and analyses to maintain complete patient history, facilitating easy access to past records and supporting continuity of care.


  • Achieve reliable and high-quality 3D scanned models with precision up to <20 microns, ensuring an accurate representation of the patient’s occlusion.
  • Experience fast scanning times, with a ready STL model available in less than 2 minutes at high resolution, optimizing efficiency and workflow.
  • Utilize virtual base creation on the scanned models, saving time and maintaining consistency in the orthodontic treatment process.
  • Benefit from advanced 2D and 3D analysis tools, enabling precise angle and distance measurements for a comprehensive evaluation and easy reporting.
  • Access predefined analyses such as tooth width, ideal dental arch, and space, as well as the flexibility to create user-defined analyses, allowing for customized treatment planning and analysis.