Putting Patients at Ease at Newhart Orthodontics

Meeting Dr. Newhart is a wonderful experience. You will not find a person more passionate and caring about you.

Dr. Newhart works with each patient and their families individually to create the most effective treatment plan. Dr. Newhart’s practice is recognized worldwide for its quality and the innovations he has brought to the orthodontic specialty.

He is a leader in the development of early treatment and preventive techniques. His use of time-release arch wires and extended treatment intervals results in less tooth pressure, more comfort and faster tooth movement. His treatment requires fewer office visits and shorter treatment times.

Here at Team Newhart we aim to make you comfortable and feel at ease in our 5 beautiful offices in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Inglewood CA! We offer a hot beverage bar, arcade games, and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Learn more about what makes Newhart Orthodontics on our web site!